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Pet Angel featured on The Apprentice

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http://frazerllp.com/?_hsenc=p2ANqtz-9dsojhZOVq6PIwyyJfgYl52enx9PkNVszwqYCFf7Nv1qck5JsizsloN-Q3zijxOOf2ddZH November 23, 2017 

http://donnaerickson.com/?p=1140 Pet Angel featured in last night’s episode of “The Apprentice”

Pet Angel featured as a selected product for the candidates to monetarize in last night’s BBC1 series of “The Apprentice” (Wednesday, 22.11.2017).

Carina Evans, CEO, Podium Pet Products said, “what an opportunity, I love the fact that our product was clearly on display in the Board Room, very fitting for a fantastic product whose popularity & sales have sky rocketed this year.”

See Pet Angel taking pride of place next to Lord Sugar:







Pic courtesy: BBC/The Apprentice

Pet Angel was modelled by candidate Jade during the show, showcasing its ‘tested on humans’ attributes in real-life.  Similar to the human version, Pet Angel boasts a clever bristle design that gently coaxes out knots and tangles with ease ensuring an enjoyable grooming experience.  The Pet Angel comes in 3 sizes and multiple colours.  It is designed by award winning, Royal and celebrity hairdresser, Richard Ward. The Pet Angel brush incorporates the same tried and tested technology developed for the incredible Tangle Angel hairbrush, as tested on humans!

http://foundationmedix.com/scapewel-5/ Other products in the Podium Pet Products portfolio include:

  • Dog Rocks – 100% natural prevention & cure to pet urine burn marks on grass, shrubs & hedging.  Sold through Podium Pet Products in Europe & North America.
  • Pet Remedy – The only natural solution to stress & anxiety in all household pets. Sold through Podium Pet Products in North America.
  • Torus Water Bowl – A travel friendly watering system that auto refills and filters water without the need for batteries or power and comes in 1L or 2L variants.  Sold through Podium Pet Products in Europe.
  • PetproBio – A natural prebiotic supplement for your pet’s overall health and wellbeing.
    Sold through Podium Pet Products in Europe.
  • Non-Tip Feeder – Safe, durable and stackable feeding solution for your horse.  Sold through Podium Pet Products in Europe.

For further information please get in contact with the Podium Pet Products team at hello@podiumpetproducts.com or alternatively please call +44 1628 822247.

Pet Angel Black Friday deals, shop now…

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Happy Friyay from the PA team,

We just wanted to let you, during the lead up and throughout the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend we are running some fantastic deals, bundles and offers across the Pet Angel range.

We are offering a saving of 50% across all Pet Angel products this Black Friday weekend to help support you through your Christmas shopping, plus FREE delivery on orders over £10.

Why buy Pet Angel above other brands?

Pet Angel has been designed and developed by the renowned Royal and celebrity hairdresser Richard Ward. After five years of innovative scientific development, the Tangle Angel was the first product to hit the market. Following on from its success being used on humans, Richard Ward quickly became aware of the demand for a like-for-like product but for his clients ‘pets’.

“Many clients told me they were using their Tangle Angels to groom their pets – from dogs and cats to horses! Pet Angel was born using the same bristle formation and technologies but with firmer bristles and a larger pad.”

Pet Angel has been designed to fulfill the strap line; ‘Make Grooming your Pet a Pleasure not a Pain’. Compared to the usual metal brushes used, Pet Angel makes for a pain-free, hygienic grooming experience for your pet. Pet Angel comes in various sizes to suit every pet owner’s needs; the large Pet Angel is great to use on larger pets, the Mini is fabulous for smaller pets and the key-ring, Pet Angel Baby, makes for a great tool to get to those harder to reach areas or to carry around and clip on a lead.

Make great gifts

If you’re struggling to think about what to buy for either your pet, or somebody else’s pet this Christmas. The Pet Angel makes for the most perfect gift; which ever size you choose. The Pet Angel Baby also makes for a fantastic stocking filler! We currently have the PA Baby on offer for a reduced rate of £5 for two (RRP £13.98). Stock up over the Black Friday weekend here.

Pet Angel promise

All Pet Angel products have been tested on Humans, no pets involved.

Pet Angel team x